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Feeling alone?

Are you struggling with sadness, even an overwhelming sense of being alone in this world? Do you ever feel like giving up, that everyone’s lives would be better without you? Are friendships complicated and stressing you out? And what about God? Does He seem distant to you, or even cruel?


This book is a reminder that you are not alone in your darkest thoughts and feelings.

With full vulnerability and transparency, I have done the unthinkable. I have published my journal entries from my own difficult teenage years. In these entries, you will read my struggles in a bleak time of my life. You will surely hear some of your own thoughts echoed in mine. You are not alone.

In this book, I write letters to my teenage self. These letters are full of truth, hope, freedom and victory. Your own darkness will be covered in the light of Christ, as you read my letters written with deep compassion and understanding. There is hope.

So that you can also move forward in your journey toward healing and hope, this book includes journaling prompts. Write your own new story, one of freedom, standing fully in the light!

Don't struggle alone, dear one. Start your journey of healing today.

"I found myself reading this book to determine if it was appropriate for my teenager. Here I am now, sorting through things of my past that have been buried for years. Things that now I know have hindered my walk with God in ways I didn't realize. This book is powerful and appropriate for all ages who are struggling or desire a closer walk with God."


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