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Let's walk together to throw off everything that hinders,
fixing our eyes on Jesus and persevering in
freedom and faith.

HEBREWS 12:1-3

Discover encouragement to break free from
sin, shame, anxiety, and depression.

Hey, teen girls... and former teen girls!


Ever been tempted to take a sneak peek at someone’s journal? Here’s your chance!

… But it’s not actually sneaky. I’m inviting you to read my journal from when I was a teenager.

In my book, Dear One, you can read my teenage words expressing depression, anxiety, loneliness, and shame. You will hear some of your own thoughts echoed in mine. You are not alone.


You can also read the letters I wrote to my younger self, full of compassion and encouragement. You will hear hope, peace, freedom, and healing. There is hope.


The shared truth and writing prompts will lead you on your own journey of healing.

Begin this journey to break free from everything that holds you back. May you experience healing as you read!

Dear One 3D book cover.png
photo of author of spiritual help book for depressed teens

About Erin

I am Erin. Since my young teenage years, I have known the deep despair of depression. I have experienced the mind-racing, heart-stopping pangs of anxiety. I have felt alone. I have felt unseen, unloved, worthless, and hopeless.

And I have also felt freedom. I have experienced deep-rooted peace. I have been filled with a hope that doesn't make sense based on circumstances.

I am embracing the freedom I have in Christ to throw off all that weighs me down, that hinders me from living an abundant life. I have been set free by Jesus! I am walking free. Come join me!


Want to embrace your freedom in Christ?

Break the chains of sin and shame!

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